Monday, November 25, 2002

It Happened. I can't believe it really happened. I got old! It always seemed so far in the distant future. Not really worth thinking about. I charged headlong into life. Battled all the mundane everyday crap over and over and over.. Dreary Monday mornings had a way of being annoyingly persistent though.
'Up and at em! Thats right! It really is Monday....again!' The brain on a subconcious level it seems, loves repitition. The body despises it.
Nursing my cofee, thoughts of my dead wife seem to be in order this morning. Death didn't screw around with my sweetheart. No nibling away at her life one monday morning at a time. No Siree! She got to ride the the cancer roller coaster of terror. Two and one half years. Was it a short ride or a long ride? Perspective sure is a funny thing. A ten year old boy and a fifty year old man find themselves bug eyed and teary eyed sadly looking at each other and looking down at the 'end of the ride' marker in the cemetary. So what the hell was that all about.
But that was yesterday. "Its Monday! Up and at em!'